Home Watch Services

Arrive to perfection and leave it all behind to trusted hands. Locally owned and operated since 2005, Home Inspections Plus is your premier home watch services company for your home in the Sarasota and Manatee Counties of Florida.

Whether you are on vacation for a week, traveling for several months, or a second home or condo owner, we make sure your property is cared for so you don't have surprises when you arrive.

When you are not there: we are dedicated to helping you protect and enjoy your investment.

There is a big difference between hiring a professional service with years of experience, a proven track record, and a long standing list of satisfied clients versus trusting your property to family members, friends, neighbors, or tradesperson not specifically trained to perform ALL aspects of a detailed, thorough, extensive property checks.

It's not a matter of if something will happen with any property; it's a matter of when and how bad. Everyone has heard the horror stories of the leaking hot water tank that destroyed the new hardwood floor, the small roof leak that went unchecked and became a big expense, the little drip under the sink becoming a flooded home. In Florida's heat and humidity if the air conditioning is not working properly, or moisture penetrates the home, mold growth can start in a matter of days.

On each visit we complete extensive interior and exterior property inspections. When you're not there, WE are. We can tailor a plan to meet your specific concerns and schedule.

We offer a wide range of services:

Weekly or bi-monthly checks; with weekly being the most popular so problems can be detected and resolved in a timely fashion. You will be notified immediately if a problem is identified during any inspections.

In addition, we provide one-time services such as meeting delivery or repair people at your home. We are here so you don't have to be.

Home Inspections Plus is insured and bonded, and because Florida does not have licensing for home watch companies we sought out and received accreditation from The National Home Watch Association. We were the first Home Watch business in Central Florida to hold this esteemed accreditation. Owner Sandra VanSuch sits on the Advisory Board of the National Home Watch Association.

We have reasonable rates and superior customer satisfaction as well as a licensed Home Inspector on call if problems are detected and need to be investigated to see how to proceed.